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Audits, expert services, training

ISP experts can:

  1. execute asset technical condition evaluation,
  2. conduct defect root cause analyses and perform functional testing;
  3. conduct audits of enterprise asset management processes.

Using this knowledge, we can develop an optimal action plan for maintaining, restoring or improving the performance of customers’ equipment or systems .

Our customers receive an overview of necessary actions with impact & payback estimates aimed at sustainable and safe long-term operations.

We offer trainingfor customer employees on best practices in maintenance organization and work execution.

Our technical evaluation expert services include the following:

    1. Evaluation of production line and equipment performance and overall condition;
    2. Life cycle planning of equipment and systems;
    3. Quantitative condition evaluation - vibration analyses, thermography, oil analyses and measurement results interpretations;
    4. Power supply (voltage) quality measurements;
    5. Sustainability evaluation of automation control systems;
    6. Thorough organizational audits;
    7. Production line efficiency analysis / improvements – Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) concept.



Our experts are capable of carrying out different audit assessments to identify gaps in the current situation concerning objectives and benchmarks of world’s best practices.

Using our local and international experience, we have developed a unified assessment methodology for evaluating both industrial and public building asset functional-condition and maintenance organization practices.

Audit results may include the following:

  • A full overview of the work history and current situation, strengths & weaknesses, benchmarking data against world best practices;
  • List of suggested improvement activities;
  • Future payback estimates on these development activities.


We assess the following areas in Industrial sites:

  1. Maintenance management practices;
  2. Work plans;
  3. Daily work management;
  4. Technical availability of assets;
  5. Work execution capabilities;
  6. Spare parts management practices;
  7. Improvement processes;
  8. Overview of the current condition of assets


We assess the following areas in building maintenance management audits:

  1. Building maintenance management
  2. Preventive work program
  3. Daily work management
  4. Work execution capabilities
  5. Building energy efficiency management
  6. Overview of assets or systems' current condition