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Maintenance Development Centre (MDC)

Knowledge of maintenance management and maintenance work execution can be found in different places and in many different forms (e.g., with equipment producers, equipment installation companies, wholesalers, MRO spare parts suppliers, etc.).

In some technical universities across the world, these subjects are even part of the curriculum. Not, however, in the universities of the Baltic countries.

By becoming a leading multi-industry and multi-site maintenance service provider, we recognized the need for accumulation of the maintenance know-how and the way to transfer it to our younger and less experienced employees.

To address these needs, Industry Service Partner created the Maintenance Development Centre(MDC) where we employ our most experienced colleagues with extensive experience of working in the leading maintenance companies like ABB and SKF and leading regional technical universities and partnering companies (FESTO, CMB).

Since we provide maintenance service to a broad range of industries, there is a constant need to adapt the maintenance-related knowledge to meet the specific needs and challenges for each of them.


MDC key activities cover:

  1. assessment of maintenance and repairs of equipment (MDC audit);
  2. identification of training needs;
  3. training;
  4. development of training programs;
  5. identifying, maintaining, and promotion of good practices;
  6. development projects (for ISP clients).

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